The mission of the WSLC is to provide a dynamic, inspiring and inclusive space in our rural village center, where both children and adults can gather together to learn together.  We aim to create a space for learning opportunities, educational experiences and community-building events for people of all ages. In doing so, the WSLC seeks to inspire and support the vitality of our rural community.


The Water Street Learning Center sees education as an experience woven through all aspects of our lives.  Our aim is to facilitate opportunities for continuous learning by providing a space rich in resources where the community can come together and learn from each other.  At its core, the WSLC mission is to support the desire to create beautiful examples of cooperation, mutual aid, and collective learning experiences that will strengthen our community. 

The WSLC strives to...

  • Provide tools and encouragement for learning in order to foster a love of education and a respect for community.

  • Promote family involvement in group youth learning to support families on their individual educational journeys.

  • Encourage place-based learning to develop an awareness of and appreciation for our community’s rich history, ecological diversity, and common experience.

  • Preserve and stimulate our rural community by providing a beautiful, useful space accessible to all.

  • Weave concepts of social justice, environmental stewardship and community commitment through events and programs.

And, through it all, the WSLC hopes to sprout seeds of positive change.

If we cultivate a sense of freedom, opportunity, well-being, and joy in our children and our community, the future for all of us will be much brighter.

The Water Street Learning Center is a 501(c)(3) organization.