PlayWorks enrolling new students

PlayWorks, a homeschool enrichment program for children aged 3-13, has openings available starting in September.

PlayWorks meets every Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30-2:30 at Water Street Learning Center in Liberty, ME. 

The program is cooperatively run by the families of participating children and relies heavily upon parent involvement. There are 3 hired teachers, and the groups are broken down by age.

The Maple Band (ages 3-5) is led by Bill Huntington. They focus on play based learning, outdoor time, and fostering positive social interactions.

The Chickadees (ages 6-9) is led by Toki Oshima. Their days focus on art, crafts, music, outdoor play and exploration, socialization, games and stories. 

The Owls (ages 10-13) is lead by Lisa Newcomb and guest teachers. They focus on project based activities, problem solving in a group setting, and creative play. This group is FULL.

Dates and Time:  September 14 - June 15, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:30am-2:30pm

For more information check out PlayWorks on the Water Street Learning Center website under Programs.